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In light of the 50 Shades of Grey trailer coming out today, quick reminder that that book is about an abusive and controlling relationship, not BDSM.

Fanfiction (published or not) is important for women of all ages to explore gender roles and sexuality in a way that is less stigmatized and more accessible. 

But do not do the BDSM community a disservice by calling the relationship described in the book a BDSM experience. 







SPLC lawsuit: Massive human rights violations at Mississippi prison

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed a federal lawsuit today on behalf of prisoners at the East Mississippi Correctional Facility, describing the for-profit prison as a filthy, dangerous facility “operating in a perpetual state of crisis” where prisoners are at “grave risk of death and loss of limbs” and often resort to setting fires to receive medical attention. 

The class-action lawsuit describes how prison officials have known of these conditions for years but failed to protect the health and safety of prisoners. The facility in Meridian, Miss., is supposed to provide intensive treatment to the state’s seriously mentally ill prisoners, many of whom are locked down in long-term solitary confinement.

The lawsuit describes a facility where prisoners are often locked in filthy cells and ignored even when they are suffering from serious medical issues. Many cells lack light and working toilets, forcing prisoners to use trays or plastic bags that are tossed through slots in their cell doors. Rats often climb over prisoners’ beds. Some prisoners even capture the rats, put them on makeshift leashes and sell them as pets to other prisoners.

Although designated as a facility to care for prisoners with special needs and serious mental illness, the East Mississippi Correctional Facility denies prisoners even the most rudimentary mental health care services. One prisoner is now blind after the facility failed to provide his glaucoma medications and take him to a specialist. Another prisoner had part of his finger amputated after he was stabbed and developed gangrene.

Prisoners also are underfed. According to the lawsuit, a correctional health expert notified the Mississippi Department of Corrections of this problem after reviewing prisoner records that showed a pattern of prisoners losing significant amounts of weight at the prison – some more than 20 or 30 pounds. 

Despite evidence demonstrating the adverse effect of long-term solitary confinement on prisoners’ mental health, the prison continues to place prisoners in isolation for weeks, months or years at a time with little stimulation or access to showers and medical care. Prisoners in solitary confinement frequently set fires or flood their cells to get attention for medical treatment.

Complainants include:

Jermaine Dockery, whose medication was increased after a suicide attempt without ever been seen by a doctor.

A 16-year-old inmate who was was beaten in his cell by six adult men, and denied medical treatment by staff.

A man who suffered a multiple rape so horrific I will not recount it here.

It was too late for a man committing suicide who was maced by guards instead of helped, and for several days after his death staff reports listed him “in good health and condition”.

This is a **for-profit prison** run by The Management and Training Corp.

This is not just this jail, btw.

This is most jails.

fuck america. may god curse all the fuckers in power.

Yes but, gawd bless our “freedoms”.
When will people understand (and care) that all jails in this country are for-profit?

If you think this is a special case?

It’s VERY true that this is fairly common for prison conditions.

If you think “prison is supposed to be bad”?

About 10,000 innocent people are convicted EVERY YEAR.

If you think these people are no one you know?

Over 2.3 million are Americans incarcerated; 1 out of every 32 Americans is on parole, probation, or currently in prison.

WHO are they?

60% of prisoners are racial and ethnic minorities; 2/3 of all prisoners are in for drug offenses, NOT violent crimes.

WHY is this happening?

It’s making a handful of people billion upon billions of dollars.

Abolish the prisons, absolish the cops, abolish the borders, abolish capitalism.

(Source: a-spoon-is-born)

  • People who can't draw:

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  • People who don't try at all:

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  • Teachers:

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  • Beginning artists:

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  • Pro artists:

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  • Long gone, passed away artists who went down in history:

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  • People who are upset an artist won't draw for them for free:

    Drawing is easy!

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